The montage of photographs on my Facebook Wall over the last few days told the story of the ravage brought about by the monsoon rains last week.  There was hardly any need for words.

Aerial shots taken by the Philippine Air Force and featured on the Telegraph gave readers a view of how several provinces were inundated by the 700-plus millimeters of rain.

A haunting black-and-white photograph of the University of Santo Tomas taken at dusk was put side by side with the flooded and very sunken garden of UP Diliman, showing readers that in the midst of calamity, serenity and beauty could still be found.  Beside them was an album of photos of people from all walks of life doing heroic acts, such as the Philippine Coast Guard braving the deepest and murkiest of waters, and going out on a limb to save women, children and the elderly precariously perched on rooftops.

Read the rest of the story here

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