October 1981, by Chat Peypoch

“It was long ago and far away
The world was younger than today…”
—“At Seventeen,” by Janis Ian

Our high school Facebook page of late has been inundated with photographs of our younger, more innocent selves. My Maryknoll (now Miriam) high school class marks its pearl anniversary—30 years old!— next weekend, Sept. 8.

I was 17 when we trooped to Chat Peypoch’s Pasay studio to have ourselves immortalized in photos.
Thanks to technology and the patience of this year’s organizer, the photos now find a new home on digital pages, forever preserved on the worldwide Web.

Thirty years! Many things have changed, but some things remain. The black-and-white photo of an unsmiling me has opened a floodgate of memories.
For one, there were no toothy grins for me since my dad had passed away six months before that photo was taken. Moreover, my braces had not yet been taken out.

The pearl anniversary has made me reflect on the process that produces a pearl.  Read the full story here.  

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