Heaven’s already here

There’s been so much death lately that I write this not for myself but for all my friends who may need to read this. This is something that i experienced for myself first-hand and a lesson that I pass on to families of patients who are at the end of life.

My son was in a coma for two weeks back in 1998, the doctors did their best but they could not figure out whether he was coming or going. A few days before he passed on, his cardio spoke to us and told us that there would be no more heroic measures, that we needed to prepare our hearts to let him go.

What mother will willingly let her child go? Any parent knows that is like asking for the impossible.

But when you see your child struggling, when you see that he seemingly is no longer there, when the miracle you have been seeking for is not being given, and when the answer to your prayer is the one you weren’t asking for, then what is there left to do but to let go?

And so it was, one evening in June when I asked the Lord to not give my son a difficult time, to not let him struggle anymore, but just to take him slowly and gently with no pain. And then I spoke to my mother who was finding great difficulty in letting go. I told her that if I, his mother was willing to give him back to the Lord, then perhaps she could find it in her to also say goodbye and let him go.
So she went to his bedside and told him that she was okay, that we would all be all right and that he could go home. And the following day, just as I had prayed for, Migs slipped gentlly into the early evening, with no pain. Into his Father’s house he was happy, whole and finally free.

Goodbye’s are never easy, and it is only by His grace that we are able to let go, to allow His will to take place in His time knowing that He will be there to cushion us and fill us with His comfort and peace when we finally release our loved ones back to Him.

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