Over the last few days, several of my close friends have either been diagnosed with cancer, or are awaiting the results of tests or biopsies.  These women are all close to my age, and to my heart.  I cannot help but be weighed down by

sadness but at the same time, my heart finds great comfort too in knowing that the Lord is faithful under every circumstance, and that He is fully in control of every situation.  I am grateful too, that many of them are women of great faith.

I was reminded of this verse, one that my mom used to say all the time while I was growing up.  It’s  a good

reminder for me as well.  At the end of day, we really don’t have to always understand and know what is going to happen. We only need to trust in Him with all our hearts. That’s our job. He will help us and He will get us through. It won’t be easy, but we will be okay.
His ways, not ours. Always.

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