How you take care of yourself fuels your body’s innate wisdom to be able to heal and balance itself. You deserve to feel vital and good. You really do. Your body is constantly talking to you. When you notice you are tired, make sure to take the time to rest and ask yourself what you can do to rejuvenate yourself. How often do you push yourself, grab a cup of caffeine or eat some sugar to lift your energy to keep you on task ,forgetting all the while that your body was trying to get your attention? When you get a headache and feel like your head is in a vice, before you grab an aspirin and forget you even had a headache, make sure to take time to remember that your body is reminding you to be gentle with yourself and trying to get your attention. When you lay in bed restless and can’t seem to get to sleep, before you grab a sleeping aid, take a few moments to write your worries and concerns on a piece of paper so that your mind and heart can feel a bit lighter. — Robin Lee

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