My life is on the cusp of major changes.

Half the year is over, and I find myself walking into new doors that I would not have thought would be open to me 15 years ago. A year shy of turning golden and I feel that my life has just begun. It isn’t perfect, but what life is, anyway? It’s still a wonderful place to be, and one that I am truly grateful for.
It wasn’t always this way, and for a very long time, although joy and sadness existed in my life like railroad tracks—always together, never apart—the joy I now have in my heart and in my life is something I’m still trying to get used to.

To get to this point in the road, I had to learn to let go, to surrender the outcome and to just let God take over. It was an exercise in learning to sit still on the boat, amid stormy seas, to hang in suspended animation while my life was kept on hold. To listen to my gut and to my heart, find the courage to call it what it is, and make difficult decisions after much prayer and discernment.

Four-step process

In making decisions, first I would enmesh myself in a four-step process that always began with listening very intently to my heart and my gut.
As most women are, I consider myself highly intuitive. I’ve found that in the instances I don’t pay attention to what my gut is telling me, I get in trouble.

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