grace20150604It’s so easy to be taken out of context.

Then again, perhaps the phrasing was all wrong. I woke up this morning to an FB feed filled with a barrage of brickbats against FPJ. All because of this statement : Gusto kong ipagpatuloy ang mga simulain ni FPJ.” So now of course there are all these wise-asses saying “Bakit? Ano ba ang nagawa ni FPJ sa larangan ng politika?” On that point, tama naman sila. BUT that’s precisely it — I’d like to believe that isn’t exactly what GP what meant to say.

Perhaps it would have been more correct, as one friend put it, to say,
“My father was not given the chance to serve on a bigger scale and this is my aspiration, to continue on a national scale what he began in the industry that loved him so much. <insert here all of his accomplishments as film maker, director, writer, actor, and more importantly human being> For this was the kind of man and leader my father was.”

I don’t blame the critics because if you aren’t from the industry, or grew up with someone who knew FPJ very well, you really wouldn’t know the giant of the man that he was. How he provided employment and took great care of his people; how he treated everyone, rich or poor with the utmost respect; how he had integrity and never stole from anyone. How he wrote stories, directed and produced films that fueled the heroic aspirations of every young boy and girl from the 1960s to the late 1990s. How he ran a successful business and took care of everybody.
Those are the kind of values that GP grew up with. Ok, the man was flawed too. He had his weaknesses. But tell me, what man or leader is perfect? And ok, GP is not her father, like the president is not his mother, and the former president was not her father. But my point is, do not throw unnecessary brickbats at a man if you did not really know him and the greatness of his heart. Her speech over-all was pretty good, but some portions of it could’ve been tweaked. Her speechwriters now need to be extra careful about their wordsmithing. Then again, in Philippine politics, damn if you do, damn if you don’t right?
Welcome to the fray, GP. Your mettle will now be tested even further. Carry on! I pray you be guided. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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