It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a morning all to myself. 

Today, In between doing errands and packing for a trip, I had a couple of hours to catch my breath and eat clean — a resolution I’ve made (and have kept so far…) when the year opened. Eating clean to me personally means quitting pork and beef, ditching sugar in all forms (except stevia), and as much as possible eating a pound of vegetables every day. Twelve days into a new year, so far, so good. 
It always thrills me to discover healthy eating places in the new neighborhood and today I ventured into “Susi” (which means key, in English) which did not disappoint at all. I love places that are uncluttered with clean interiors and Susi is just that. Climbing a flight of stairs to the second floor dining area, I took pause mid-way and stared at the thought provoking quote on the wall… 


“The grass is greener WHERE you water it.”
 Isn’t that true? 

I proceeded to plop myself in one of its quiet corners to browse it’s pretty extensive menu.  

My thoughtful spot .
 It was still quiet when I arrived shortly before noon so I had a few moments to mull over the menu. I opted for a glass of old-fashioned ginger ale — perfect for a warm morning like today, and excellent for the tummy. The salads were tempting but I chose to go with a warm and wonderful bowl of healthy Macaroni (non-gluten pasta) and “cheese” with arugula and a dash of paprika. Divine.

Warm and wonderful

 At close to 1pm, the place was filling up with a young crowd of professionals and I decided that it was time to go and complete my next errand.  It was lovely though to have an hour or so of quiet in a happy place where the staff seems to genuinely love what they do. It’s the kind of vibe that is palpable in the air, and felt in every bite of their healthy food. 

Happy to have found a new happy place close to home, I will definitely be back for more.  

Happy, healthy meals served here.
   Susi is located in Forbes Town center in the Burgos Circle area of Bonifacio Global City. 

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