Over the last couple of years, there have been one too many deaths by suicide, in high schools, colleges, and universities. Most of them in Metro Manila, but the larger cities in provinces outside of Manila have begun to show rising numbers as well. Take Cebu for example, it has the highest number of deaths by suicide all over the country.
Esteemed child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Cornelio Banaag says that stress is a huge contributing factor to this phenomenon. “Stress all around us. It’s a very different world that these children are growing up in. School has become a major source of stress, relationships too. When a young person is chronically stressed or anxious, that can lead to depression.” 
It doesn’t happen overnight. There are usually predisposing factors from history. 

 “Minsan hindi natututukan ng parents, napapansin lang ang anak kung may problema.” (Sometimes parents take their kids for granted because of the busy-ness of life. They only take notice when there is a problem already.) “Many parents tend to be very busy,” Banaag says, and he stresses the important of staying connected. “At least make a phone call to check on your child at least once or twice each day, say hello, check on how he or she is doing, what their schedules are. Even when away, we must keep our presence with our children. Do not disconnect no matter how busy you are.”
It’s also not prudent to belittle or to judge your child, teenager, or young adult’s stressors. “There are very real in the lives of young children. Unfortunately, there is just too much toxicity in the environment today.” Please read the rest here. 

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