Dear General Bato, 
What is happening to our country? Last Monday evening, 24 year old Em-J Pavia who was a model student, son, friend, and teacher was mercilessly gunned down a mere five minutes away from his home. Yesterday, it was 27 year old Lauren Rosales, soft-spoken, caring, loved by everyone she worked with. 

She too was shot in cold blood while riding a Jeepney on her way to work. 
Sir, these two young adults are probably the same age as your own children. Felled by bullets, young adults with a whole life waiting for them.
Can we please now turn our eyes on these ruthless, senseless killings as well, sir? We are supposed to feel safe on our streets, are we not? Wasn’t that the promise? May we ask you to please put your full resources in catching the killers of these two young people? 
I know you will do what is right, because you said so yourself that these killings have to stop, please, resolve these cases in the fastest possible time, but through due process. I pray that when you look into your children’s eyes, you will see an Em-J, and a Lauren, and that it ignites something in you to relentlessly pursue those who took their lives away. Please, help us find justice for them.

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