Yet sometimes there are things that happen in a child’s life that go unprocessed or are denied. And this is where the problems in adulthood manifest. 

I always think of this quote whenever I encounter an obnoxious adult with a know it all attitude or someone with serious anger issues. I visualize that person on the other line throwing a tantrum, or spewing venom at me, or the inconsiderate, insensitive person standing across me, as a helpless little boy or girl who was deeply hurt in childhood by an adult or a life event which he or she had no power over. In doing so, whatever anger I have towards that person dissipates. In my heart, I tell myself that I’ve done my best. Doing so makes it easier to walk away and not retaliate. 

This is always a good reminder for all of us — as parents, and as human beings living in a hurting world.

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