It’s 52 days to my 53rd autumn.

How apt that I was born in a season that reminds us of how nothing is permanent, of how everything in life is temporary and fleeting. And that everything passes. Technically, there is no autumn, not even four seasons, in my home country, But I have always loved the fall. It has always been and will always be my favorite season.

I was born on a Friday morning in October. It wasn’t an easy birth, and my mother thought that she would lose me.

“Friday’s child is loving and giving…” the poem goes. And that’s what I plan to focus on these next 52 days. The world being in the mess that it is in, already has its fair share of drama, hate, tragedy and sadness. In times such as these, we could all use an extra dose of kindness, love, positivity and generosity. Shine ones light against the darkness, repel hate with love.

Yesterday I went back to my old university to do a video that will form part of the library’s 50th anniversary celebration. It was nice to look back at a time when life was so simple and uncomplicated, and love, so young and new. I wish every girl or woman would have that — a beautiful first love to look back on with great fondness. A memory to warm the heart and fall back on like a soft pillow on a rainy day such as this.

The day ended with a night at the theater with my daughter, where together with a childhood friend, we shared a fun evening of laughter, and music, and well, the tragic love story of Tony and Maria. “West Side Story” was a favorite of mine for so many years but last night, revisiting their story again at 52, I thought to myself, what the hell were those two thinking, falling in love like that?!? The production design and choreography were both stunning and spectacular. The music — it was a great challenge for me NOT to sing along to the songs whose lyrics I knew by heart.

Time marches by so quickly, and this year has slipped by so fast. It seems like only yesterday when we welcomed the beginning of 2016 together with our Japanese family in Tokyo. Then, all of a sudden, I turn around, and in heartbeat, the last quarter of 2017 will be upon us. And soon, I’ll find myself in my 53rd autumn.

Where did all the time go? “Friday’s child is loving and giving…” Live it.

Make each day count.

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