I suppose you can’t ever take the Catholic out of the girl.

I know. God is everywhere, and really, in everyone. Sometimes though it’s hard to see that when the days are challenging or someone is being obnoxious or unkind towards you. I have always found a certain comfort in sitting in a quiet church, in allowing the stillness to enfold you, and in listening to the word. A good homily or message is a bonus because it’s truly God’s word that matters.

I found myself weepy at mass last night, or perhaps moved would be a better word for it? 2018 has been quite a challenge, and as we wind up this year, I wanted to make time to reflect and prepare for Christmas, and the year that lies ahead. I had never attempted to complete Simbang Gabi before, but this year, there is something in my heart that motivates me to make an attempt at completing it. On the first evening, the message was about joy and enlightenment. How we could only find both if we adhere to the ways that Christ teaches us to deal with others — to be generous, as opposed to being greedy, to be honest, and to be just. Last night, the priest spoke about the fidelity of God to His promise, and how the sinfulness of man will never get in the way of God’s promise to us. He expounded on Jesus’ interesting and colorful genealogy. How the Savior did not come from a perfect line of morally upright people, but how every person in his lineage was used by the Father to accomplish a certain work, and how the end result was a Savior who came to redeem us from our sins.

The Lord is kind, and just, and merciful. Our Father speaks to us through many ways when we quiet our hearts and surrender all to Him. Last night’s Responsorial Psalm spoke to my heart: “Justice shall flourish in His time, and fullness of peace forever.” How is our Father speaking to your heart this Christmas season? #simbanggabi Day 2✳️

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