On the flight home from Davao we had a medical emergency that required the plane to return to Davao. We had already been in the air for 20 minutes. When situations such as these arise, you are given a glimpse of humanity at its finest.

A passenger in premium economy gave up his seat right away so the patient could move to the front of the cabin. Immediately, a doctor responded to the call for medical assistance. She stayed with the passenger throughout the trip back. Assisting her were two cabin attendants who were very kind and compassionate. No one in the cabin complained (rightfully so) and you could feel a reverent hush of concern hover all over the cabin.

We made it back to Davao with no untoward incident, and soon as we touched down, a medical team quickly boarded the plane and helped the passenger disembark. We were back in the air in under 30 minutes.

Seamless and caring. And this is why I always fly the national carrier. Proud to have worked briefly for the airline many decades ago. Philippine Airlines will always be my first choice above all other airlines. ✈️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Four star airline, five star heart for service. As always, the heart of the Filipino shines through because that’s who we are, wherever we may be in the world. #adventuresbykate #storiesbykate

Sunset over a Sea of Clouds. 
Somewhere over Valencia, Bukidnon

“Sunset over a Sea of Clouds” 2/21/19 
Somewhere over Bukidnon.

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