Brighter days ahead

We all need stories to remind us of how resilient the heart can be, and of how God works in mysterious ways. I share this one with permission.

My last client today was a young girl of 14 who had lost her mother so suddenly several months ago. When she first came to see me, she was, as expected, in deep grief and in the throes of depression. Her mother was a single parent, and my client had no siblings. She had not seen her father for a decade, but she kept a photograph of him carrying her when she was around three years old.

As soon as her mother passed, she moved into her aunt’s home and it was this loving aunt who would accompany her to our sessions.

A month after we began, she was able to reconnect with her father who lives in another country. It was an emotional first meeting via Skype. It takes a whole village to heal a child, and that is what happened here. My client had the grace of a loving, supportive family here, and a whole new family in a different continent very eager to get to know her.

In the beginning, when we first started to journey together, my client, who loved poetry and music, could not write at all. “The words just won’t come..” she would tell me. Today, during our final meeting, her creative well was bursting with words that she could not contain. She wrote beautiful poetry and shared with me essays and lyrics she had written over the last two months.

Next week, she leaves with her aunt to reunite and begin a new life across the sea with her father who had been waiting these last ten years to reunite with his only child. Today, she gave me this bright yellow pillow which she had lovingly crocheted over the last month. I could not help but be moved. This young girl who once was in the abyss, has managed by grace, love, therapy, and medication to climb out of the depths of her sadness to find the words and the light once more.

These are the days and the moments that give the work so worth it. Priceless and precious. The pillow now sits in a place of honor in my coaching room to remind me of the resilience of the heart — of how love and patience can heal, and turn the darkest of nights into a morning bathed in brightness.

God bless you my dearest, S. Thank you for letting me journey with you. I pray for you endless days wrapped in sunshine and yellow as you begin a new chapter. Stay joy filled. Keep writing. Keep in touch. ❤️☀️

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