Good morning, world!

I’ve always believed two things are essential in a crisis.

1. That we take the one day at a time approach so as not to feel overwhelmed.

2. That we maintain a sense of humor, and practice acts of kindness. Filipinos have always been known to be able to laugh even in the most dire of circumstances, and that, is such a gift. Not that we are making light of the situation (never!) but we have always managed to find something funny and that is what helps keep us afloat. Now, here are some acts of kindness you might want to do over the next few days and weeks.

1. Send food, snacks, coffee to the people who continue working tirelessly on the frontlines to save lives, to keep us safe. Send them over to the hospitals and or clinics in your communities. The emergency room, and the admissions office are good drop off points. If you have friends or family members working in the healthcare profession, you may ask them for suggestions on what kind of food is best to send.

2. Buy your Grab delivery guy a meal. Yes, there is an option in the Grab app for this. You can order him or her some food at the same time you place your order. You can also opt to give a bigger tip than usual.

3. Send over food, or small gifts to the guards in your village or in your building. No days off for them, no quarantine. They will definitely appreciate some kindness from you.

4. I know we’re all supposed to stay at home, but for sure, there will be that unavoidable trip to the grocery store or drive through — please be extra kind and caring to all the wait staff that you encounter. I’m sure they would rather be at home, but economics may render them no choice but to work. Again, just be kind.

5. Donate to a fund that will help generate more testing kits and provide for protective gear for our frontliners. Korea has proven that testing is crucial to flattening the curve. Somewhere on my FB page is an entry on how you can donate to that fund. It’s legit. It will be sent directly to the UP Medical Foundation.

6. Practice one kind thing to do everyday — for yourself, for your family members, for others. Kindness begins with the self ok? You cannot pour from an empty vessel. So, refuel, refill by being kind to yourself.

7. Carve out moments each day to pray, to meditate, and to restore the calm within. So very many people and things to pray about. Make a list, meditate on it.

Kaya natin ito, friends! At the end of this community quarantine/lockdown or whatever you choose to call it, I can guarantee, that if you do it right, some good, maybe even a lot of good will come out of it.

Even in the midst of chaos, I assure you that grace abounds. Be a grace bringer, ok? We’re all in this together, we will make it through. Hold hands tayo. ❤️

#loveinthetimeofcovid #covidyoucantbeatus

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