The pandemic has given me a deeper appreciation for the ordinary things we used to take for granted. Like trips to the supermarket which once upon a time we used to think of as one other thing we needed to do in order to live.
Not anymore.

Yesterday I went to the grocery again after six months (it’s my son who does the grocery trips for us) and immediately I felt as if I was in another universe. Not kidding. I found myself in awe of the new products on the market. I must have stood a good six minutes, staring in awe at the selection of cheese in the chiller. I felt sad at the sight of empty racks devoid of cooking spices. (Paging the distributors of McCormick!) I was so delighted to find many more vegetarian options available. (I recently began a meatless Monday practice) I walked slowly, pushing my cart gently, conscious of keeping my distance from the other shoppers. Each aisle felt like I was passing through a different country, noticing new things and finding comfort in the old, familiar things.

Every aisle felt like a different country

The pandemic has taught me to find delight in the simplest of chores and errands. Never again to take activities such as these for granted. Remembering how, in the blink of an eye, in 2020, all of that was taken away from us in an instant.

Thank you Lord, for giving me fresh eyes, teaching me to appreciate every little thing, and reminding me that all of these come from you. Everything we are, and everything we have is by your grace alone.

#20reflectionsfor2020 #pandemicplaybook🪴 3/20

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