Here’s a story to warm your heart.
At lunch today, our manang proudly told us with glee, “Ma’am may suman ako…bigay ng Shoppee delivery!” Curious as to why the delivery guy gave her suman, I said, “Uy, ang bait naman. Bakit daw?” What she said next made me pause and got me choked up. “Hindi maam, sabi niya, gawa raw ng nanay niya. Ang sabi daw ng nanay niya, ‘O, malapit na ang Pasko, ikaw naman ang magbigay sa mga laging nagbibigay sa iyo.’ Kaya gumawa ng suman ang nanay niya. Ang dami niyang bitbit, pinamigay daw niya sa mga dineliveran niya ngayong araw na ito.”

Manang was so happy holding her suman and grinning from ear to ear. “Mahilig ako sa suman eh…”

OMG. My son and I looked at each other as Manang told her story. We tried to check if he was still downstairs because I wanted to send something back for his mother. What a lesson in generosity! If they, who have little to offer, can still think of preparing what they can, and giving back selflessly, how much more can we? What a beautiful Christmas story! ❤ So much love and joy in one tiny suman. It’s stories like these that make you believe that 2020 was not really a bad year at all. And that bad, or good, we take them both graciously, and give thanks, just as this woman modeled for her Shoppee delivery son, and for all of us who received this most valuable lesson on giving today.

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