Do you remember my suman story? About the Shopee delivery guy who gave out suman to the families he regularly delivers to because his mother said that it was Christmas and it was his turn to give back, even a little, to those who were kind to him during the year. The story has a second part, and this is my 2020 Christmas story.

I share this story not because I want to lift myself, and my friend who helped me, but rather, I share it because it’s an example of how when God touches our heart, we must listen and take action.

After the suman gift giving, a week ago, and because I was so moved by it, I asked our yaya to engage Kuya Shopee and to ask him more about his mother. I wanted to learn more about the generous lady who had so little and yet gave from her heart. I was certain she was kind and very giving. It turns out that she is now 70 years old and has been making suman for a while now to save up for a trip home to Leyte so she can visit her siblings whom she had not seen since she was 13 years old.

She had left for Manila more than 50 years ago to find work in order to provide for her family back home. One thing lead to another and she found herself working for different families. Then she got pregnant and had a son, our Shoppee delivery guy. A few years later, she had another child. Life was so hard, she was a single mother with two children to support, and in all those years of working, she never got the chance to go back home.

Fast forward to December 2020 and the suman story that lead me to her. I asked a friend if she would like to pitch in for round trip bus fare plus some pocket money for the suman lady and her daughter so that she could finally be able to see the siblings in Leyte whom she had left so long ago. My friend agreed right away. And so, in January, she will finally reunite with the siblings whom she last saw 57 years ago.

Today, the Shopee Kuya sent me a video of his mother. She was in tears and blown away by the prospect of finally being able to visit family. Naiyak ako.

The irony was not lost on me, how God truly works in mysterious and wonderful ways. The circumstances of this pandemic is what separated us from each other, and made us appreciate one another more. Taught us never to take things for granted. It is also the very same pandemic that will now finally bring this elderly lady back home to her family. The siblings she had pined for all these years. What separates you it seems, is also what will bring you back together in His time. ❤️ I am grateful to have stumbled upon this story, and to be an instrument of His grace. May we all be instruments of His love and grace wherever we are placed and provide the hope and redemption that Christ child brings.

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