The first order of the day on her 30th year was a humble bowl of taho.

Real, authentic taho. The kind that comes from a large stainless steel tub. “My only request for breakfast on my birthday is taho.” Serendipitously, I found the only taho vendor in our community through a post on our community page a couple of days ago. So off I went at 8AM to catch the taho vendor, and by 8:30AM we were partaking of taho and freshly brewed coffee, catching up, giving thanks in the quiet of this Tuesday morning.

It’s really the simple and quiet moments that bring the most joy and meaning in life. I look back on all our mother-daughter forays over the past thirty years and they are as varied as watching the sunset over Angkor Wat, to having high tea at and watching the boats sail on Victoria Harbor, to waiting for her come out of a New York subway after class, to sharing chips while introducing her to CLOY, and driving her to and from clerkship and internship in the wee hours of the morning. And all those firsts in life that we had to go through together. Before her brothers came, for the most part, there was just us two. And when one brother left this world early, it was our grief that made our bond grow even deeper.

Motherhood goes through seasons and changes with every decade of the child’s life. Some decades were admittedly more challenging than others, but nothing ever came between us that love and forgiveness did not see through.
I grew up with my daughter, and she, with me. Sometimes she’s like the mama too. And now that she’s all grown, my work in a sense is all done. Now, I’m here to support, to cheer when needed, to provide wisdom when asked. To love at all times.
My mother said that motherhood never ends. She’s right, it never does. It never dies. It is constant, and only changes shape and adapts to what is required in the season that awaits. ❤️

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