2020 was so, so difficult on many levels.

It was like, a long , endless portal. A whole year of transition. We had to let go of many things, of all that we knew to be true, of everything we were familiar with. We lost loved ones, and friends, and countless plans and dreams, vanished into thin air. We cut ties, and sometimes, when necessary, we burned bridges and never looked back. The flames, lighting up the skies, illuminating the way forward.

So here we are, at the end of the second month of 2021 and doesn’t it feel like hope has descended upon us? So far, so good. This month alone, there’s just so many things to be grateful for. The beginning of new chapters, answered prayers, and the unfolding of a new season. Hope, like a sunbeam, slowly filling our lives after a long, dark night.

Looking back, 2020 did bring with it many gifts that we would never have received if we did not go
through such pain and challenges.

Getting introduced to the KD genre through CLOY was one of those gifts. It brought me, and thousands of others, so much joy. Theirs was a love that made us believe, and helped us sail through.

If 2020 felt like the wrong train, I look back on it now and don’t regret I boarded it. The bumps, detours, and adjustments on the journey have all brought me to where I am. I still don’t know when we’ll get to where we are supposed to be next. Today, as I looked out the window, in the distance I could see traces, of perhaps the right station. And when we get there, the memory of all that we left behind and let go of will be just that , a memory.

Crash Landing On You (CLOY) on Netflix

On the train ride, all that was false will fall along the way side. All that will remain is what is true, and who is true. We’ll get to that station, in God’s time, and then, by His grace, we’ll journey on.

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