Mothers will risk everything for their children.

Human or animal, it doesn’t matter.

There was an incident in our community yesterday that had begun Wednesday evening. I was unsettled that night because all throughout the evening beginning 10PM there was a dog that kept barking. This was unusual because usually after 10PM, aside from the occasional car horn, everything is quiet in my area of the city. I tossed and turned because the dog wouldn’t stop. It bark seemed pretty desperate. Finally, I fell asleep.

Yesterday morning, it was still going on. Over brunch, my son and I wondered if the barking was coming from the the informal settlers housing area. It didn’t seem like it. A few minutes later, my son knocks on my door to tell me that apparently a dog had fallen into a well and there was another dog circling the area, barking frantically.

Someone had posted about it in our community groups, and I copy pasted it and sent it to our Viber community group and then on the Official BGC Resident Group. Soon enough, people started to pull together. One of the administrators in the group, her name is Sam, put things into motion. The maintenance people in Trion Towers went to the area where the dog was, and so did volunteers from CARA. Humanity at its best. Pulling together to save an askal (street dog) in the well.

After a few hours, a brave maintenance person from Trion was able to get the dog out. Unfortunately, he was bitten. To the rescue came a concerned group of cat advocates from Trion who offered to shoulder the medical expenses of the three men who went down the well. These men are heroes.

It turns out, it was a puppy that had fallen into the well during the night. It was his mommy that was circling the well and barking all through the night up until the morning until her puppy was saved. Apparently, for days now, CARA had been trying to get the mommy dog and her puppies to bring them to a safer area. As of this writing, mommy dog is still traumatized and nowhere to be found.

Mothers will do anything for their young.

If you’re a mom reading this, you know what that’s like. You will do anything within your powers to save your child. No wonder her barking was so heartbreaking.

This incident brought out the best, and sadly the worst in our BGC community. It brought out kindness, generosity, care. We look out not just for one another, but for each and every one of God’s creatures.

It brought out the worst because people were unjustly calling out people and making quick assumptions and conclusions. One woman called me out in the group and asked me why I didn’t go down the well myself. To that, I simply replied, “I’m 56 and I have a heart condition.” Another one was quick to say he was embarrassed to be living in BGC because we let the dog bark all night long and didn’t do a thing. I’m thinking to myself, perhaps these people weren’t aware of the cultural nuances in our community and in our country. Maybe things are done differently where they come from. Maybe their stress over the dog in the well drove them to say things. But to say that we are heartless? No, no, no. That’s not us.

This incident teaches us to not be so quick to judge others. If you’re not there, and you don’t know the whole story, don’t call people out. Especially if you live thousands of miles away. You have no right to do that. Respond, do not react. This call out culture really needs to stop.

We pulled together in the best way we knew how. Residents, maintenance people, CARA volunteers, the guards, even the Taguig fire department through the mayor’s office. That’s how we are as a people. That’s what we’ve learned during this pandemic. We look out for one another. I’m proud to be part of this community.
I’m proud to be Filipino.

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