Everyday Heroes of NBC’s “New Amsterdam”

When the pandemic began in March, CLOY helped preserve my sanity. Back then, I was probably the last woman standing, to cave in to the call of KDrama. I don’t regret it. KD was a lifesaver. For a few hours on such stressful days, I would get lost in the adventures of Se-ri and Captain Ri, and each night I would fall asleep with a smile, making me believe again in the possibilities of love and life, in spite of.

Late this month, as the numbers began to climb like crazy, and the inevitable surge came, it was Dr. Max Goodwin and his team of doctors at “New Amsterdam” that is saving the day. I’ve always been a fan of medical dramas and for me, New Am is the best of them all. Almost every episode had gotten me teary-eyed but also infused with hope in spite of everything we are going through right now in Metro Manila.

In every episode the humanity of the patient and the doctor is put in sharp focus; the struggles so real and seemingly insurmountable, and yet in the end you don’t come away depressed. The stories don’t always end on a high note, but always, on a good note. You learn more about the value of hope, compassion, forgiveness with every story that unfolds. It deepens your understanding of the human psyche. The stories are so engaging, and well told, the characters so fleshed out that you actually feel like you know them, and that you are part of the hospital too.

I love how the show tackles the issues of grief and mental health so very well. I love how they present the doctors and the other members of the health care team as both heroes and ordinary mortals who weep, rejoice, grieve, and love, just like the rest of us do.

Max Goodwin, New Amsterdam’s Medical Director is like a superhero. Unflappable in the face of insurmountable odds, always finding a way to make things work, putting the patient at the center. His most frequent question to everyone – patient, orderly, janitor, colleague, nurse, doctor – “How can I help?” echoes throughout the series, and is a constant reminder to all of us that in spite of the challenges we face left and right (front, and center) we always have the choice to help and make things better for the people we live with, the communities we serve, and the people around us. To ask, at every opportunity, especially now, “How can I help?”

New Amsterdam is my current happy pill. It has infused my days and nights with a lot of hope and light. Now close to the end of season 1, taking in each episode slowly, not wanting it to end, just yet. ❤️

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