Migi at four
  1. What does 28 look like?
    Tomorrow you turn 28 years old. For some reason, this year, I’m fixated with the thought of how you would have looked like at 28.

You were four in this photograph. Clanging those tiny cymbals at your closing program, wearing your favorite polo shirt from Big and Small. This is how I will always remember you. How I choose to remember you. So guapo you are with eyes that seem to have been filled with wisdom far beyond your four years.

In the years since you’ve been gone, now and then I would come across photographs of your pre-school classmates, now adults, on my social media feed. There was a year when the college kids I taught would have been the same age as you, had you made it to college. Interesting, I had two Miguels in my class that year. I know that you are always with us, will always be with us, no matter the years that have gone by.

I know you always look after your sister who is a doctor now, and your younger brother who you never met. You continue to live on in both of them.

Tomorrow on your 28th, can you send a 28 year old my way so that I can somehow tell how you might look like now. Better yet, maybe you can ask God to allow you to visit me in my dreams tomorrow.

Happy Birthday my Migi!
Always loved. Always with us. Forever in our hearts ❤️
To infinity and beyond!

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