Last night while visiting mom, something she used to say all the time echoed in my head. “Hindi pa ako mamamatay. Aabot ako ng 100!” She would often remind me of that “fact” whenever someone we knew died.

I thought to myself, mom is 89 now. Next year after she turns 90, that will only be a decade to a hundred. And what is 10 years in the grand scheme of things? That’s only a blip on the radar. I’m grateful that mom is still around, that even though so very many things have changed, she’s still here. Knowing that the clock is ticking makes me more grateful for each day that she is with us. It’s not enough to be grateful though. What’s important at this stage in life is to keep her happy, and to keep her comfortable. To give her all her heart’s desires as much as possible.

Whether mom makes it to a hundred or not is no longer the point. Time only serves as a reminder now, to me, at least, that we have only an X number of years together. What matters now is that we meet her, wherever she is at, at every point on her journey. And that for the remainder of her years she is well-cared for, happy, comfortable, and loved.

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