I’ve been soaking in sun, sand and sunlight the last three days in a spectacular island paradise called Mati. 

Mati, located in Davao Oriental is perhaps, Davao’s best kept secret. Mati, is a three hour drive from Davao City. It’s a long and beautiful ride through the towns of Davao del Norte and it is definitely a trip worth taking. Mati has spectacular landscapes, and stunning beaches that rival the world’s best. 

Entering Mati, you are greeted by a jaw dropping view of the sleeping dinosaur island. This Mati beach earned its name from the shape of the island, which seems to resemble that of a resting plesiosaur, an aquatic dinosaur.  Badas Point in Dawan, just as you enter Mati is a must stop. There are vista points along the road, and viewing deck which provides an awesome view of the Sleeping Dinosaur Island. When I stepped out of the vehicle and took in

The Sleeping Dinosaur Island guards the entrance to Mati

the splendor of the island, I thought about how truly beautiful the Philippines is and that one really does not need to travel far to experience such beauty. It’s right here, in our very own backyard!  

When on visits Mati for the first time, you find so many areas that astound you. We stayed at Sheepy’s Resort in the Dahican Beach area. Pristine powdery white sand, a constant breeze, and towering coconut trees, and some of the most powerful waves I’ve seen give Dahican Beach a distinct aura. The area itself is very peaceful and perfect for soul searching but the constant crashing of the waves makes for such a dramatic landscape. The sea itself has strong currents so it’s not viable for swimming. If you are a surfer though, Dahican Beeach would be heaven for you.

Sheepy’s Resort on Dahican Beach

My favorite place in all of Mati is the Pujada Bay. Covering about 20,0887.43 hectares of protected landscapes and seascapes, the Pujada Bay is bounded by the Guang-guang Peninsula in the east and the Pujada Peninsula in the west. Forming a cove, waters within the bay are marked with calmness being protected from the crashing waves of the open sea, an advantage which offers seafarers and fishermen a safe harbor in times of storms.

Pujada Bay in Mati City, Davao Oriental has been named as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, by the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association (MBBWA) it is considered one of the province’s jewels, and rightly so.

Pujada Bay in Mati, Davao Oriental

The serene and pristine waters of Pujada Bay are unlike any other. We spent a morning at Bahia Resort and swam in the bay.  So calm and peaceful, in cerulean blue waters we were mesmerized by the fish that could be found even in the shallowest and clearest of waters. 

Across the bay is Mt. Hamiguitan which has been declared a a UNESCO world heritage site. Pujada Bay teems with rich marine biodiversity. It is home to a host of varieties of fish, turtles, mangroves, and coral species as well as seagrass.  Occasionally, pods of dolphins can be seen frolicking the area, offering an exciting display of mother nature’s best.

Mati is raw and so rich in beauty and resources. It has so much potential and so much to offer. I love it’s current rugged beauty and I look forward to its refinement and full blossoming in time.


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