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14 thoughts on “Something about Kate

  1. Thank you for writing that letter to Jill. I pray she gets to read it. And I pray that to all others who get to read it that we all learn from this episode: (1) Family takes a higher priority over work–always, no matter what. (2) Kindness and sensitivity to people’s feelings is more important than any job; rudeness and being insensitive is not an excuse for doing one’s job.
    God bless you, Kate.


  2. Am so touched by what you wrote both for Jill and your colleagues. Indeed, at times like this it is more prudent to allow the family of Sec. Robredo some space to deal with the situation. Am sure Jill and her sisters, including her mom, and all their friends and family appreciate this letter.


  3. Thank you much for writing this very touching blog that I consider as God’s speedy answer to my earnest and urgent prayer for an intervention. . Indeed, I have been seriously disturbed when the media kept on playing in the headlines that Sec. Robredo was in a hurry to return home to attend his daughter’s event. I wanted to do something about it but I was totally at a loss how could I get across. All I could do was spend silent moments in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give Sec. Robredo’s wife and daughters – especially Jill – all the strength and wisdom they need to accept and face this hardest crisis in their lives. I prayed fervently for this kind of intervention knowing the guilt and anguish such attribution will cause on his daughter. Again, I am truly grateful for the one who wrote this open letter to Jill. God bless you, Kate.

    Btw, I used to be a Family Life Educator and Marriage Counselor when I was still in Manila (1987-1991 in the Our Lady of Loreto Parish, Bustillos, Sampaloc) and in Tacloban (1999-2002 in Sto. Nino Parish). I am now permanently settled in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.


  4. My heart rends every time a father dies, leaving his children grow up without his hand. I share a similar grief. Despite this tragedy, I know that Sec. Jessie was a good father and that he left a lasting legacy not only to his family but also to people who were blessed to have known him. I really wish the Robredo children would be able to read this and, even if they wouldn’t be able to, that they be blessed with stronger hearts and minds to face a future without their father.


  5. Hi, Kate. Your letter brings back a flood of memories when my father died when I was 16. You’re right; there were no Facebook, no social media, no internet to communicate in real time and to make grieving a spectacle. Yes, you’re right; give the kids some protection from onlookers. I remember the days clearly; we kids were like a specimen in the lab with family friends and relatives gawking at us poor kids who just lost a father and relatives lecturing how we should study hard and be good children, etcetera; as if we didn’t know and care what the next days and years looked like. People should let Jill and her siblings grieve privately. Leave them alone; they will be fine! Thanks a lot for your beautiful letter, Kate!


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