We had not seen each other for many years.

He was an old family friend whom I had known since childhood. Recently a problem at work brought about by an irate patient brought us back together again. And so we had breakfast on a rainy Friday in Ortigas. It was good to reconnect, to realize that we are both now in a good and quiet place in our lives.

Like me, he’s had his years of turbulence too. Of searching and not finding, and of searching again, and again. Now, he is more settled and it shows.  Between us there is a 20 year difference although when I was younger, the gap seemed so much bigger.

Could it be that I have grown older and wiser too? That the depth of my life experience — all the joy and pain that encompassed the last 20 years is like a bridge that makes me interact with ease with those who are even much older than I am?  Perhaps.

Although he is my godfather, I am now able to speak to him both as a friend and as someone whose counsel I can respect and heed. He has known me since I was 8 years old and he says that morning, that this is the happiest he has ever seen me in years.  He too looks very peaceful and relaxed. 

At 67 and 47, by His grace, I’d like to believe we’ve somehow gotten it right.

Annie Lamott once wrote — “Grace will never leave you where it first finds you.”  And so we hold on to that amazing and patient grace that fill our days.

Though we may slip and lose our grip, one thing is for sure, HE never lets go.

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