I had two encounters with Christ on C-5 today. 

This afternoon, my son had to go to his university. I decided to drive but realized we needed to go get some gas first. So we hied off to our go-to Petron gas station. 

While waiting for the tank to fill up, Paolo the attendant notices something shiny on my left front wheel. He took a closer look at it and asked me to take a look at it — a nail had embedded itself on the wheel. He suggested we replace it with my spare, lest it burst on the road and put me in danger. So I pulled over to the side of the station and waited for his colleague to replace my tire. 

When the tire was out, I asked to see the area where the nail was up-close. Lo and behold, as he rotated the tire, we found, not just one, but two nails! My heart skipped a beat, grateful for the Lord’s protection. I asked the kuya who replaced my wheel what his name was, “Jesus po,” he said. Wow. What better affirmation from above that He keeps His eye on all of us. Protecting us from harm when we least expect it. 

Angels in disguise at Petron.

After thanking our angels in disguise, we drove off once more and fifteen minutes later, had another Jesus encounter on the other side of C-5.  

There was quite a bit of traffic on C-5 and we were at a standstill, northbound, just a few meters away from the elevated u-turn when BOOM! Our little sedan was rear ended! My son and I looked at each other. He was okay, and so was I. My initial thought was, “But Lord, you just saved me from a busted tire…” 

In the middle of heavy C-5 traffic I went down to check on the damage. I expected so much more considering the sound of the impact. But it wasn’t so. Yes, I will definitely have to replace the trunk lid and the rear bumper, but the lights weren’t broken, and the trunk remained closed in spite of the impact. 

Where does the Christ element come in? 

The van that hit me was owned by the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation of the Iglesias ni Cristo (INC).   The driver of the van did not raise a fuss and was genuinely apologetic. After all, he hit me from behind. But he was truly remorseful and although I was quite upset, I couldn’t get mad at him because I felt his sincerity. He gave me all his details but I will have to contact their office soon to discuss damages. 

Cristo on C-5 the second time around

A little bit shaken, my son and I then continued on our journey.  We didn’t make it on time to our appointment and decided to have a late lunch instead. “Life’s delays are God’s delays,” I reminded myself. 

Tonight as I write this all down,  the lyrics to the Carrie Underwood song, “Jesus Take the Wheel” came to mind…

“Jesus, take the wheel

Take it from my hands

‘Cause I can’t do this on my own

I’m letting go

So give me one more chance

And save me from this road I’m on

Jesus, take the wheel” 

Today, in spite of the damage to my car, I was saved, and protected. Many things in this life we struggle to understand. Many situations are beyond our control. Many circumstances we find we are defenseless. To whom then do we turn to and trust? I got the answer so clearly today on C-5, not just once, but twice. I guess He really wanted to make a point. “Give it to me my child. I have my eye on you. I will take care.” 

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