I think it helps a lot if we consider everyone to be on loan to us. Child, spouse, partner, parent, lover, friend, colleague. When we think of relationships in this way, we will learn to value people more knowing that tomorrow the person may be gone, or that the relationship may be over. Lahat ay talagang pahiram lang.

When we think of a loved one, or even a dear friend as being on loan to us, we become more careful about the things we say and do. We appreciate every kindness given. We become more grateful for the moments that we have with them, and we make each one of them count.

We become more generous, loving, and kind. We let go of ego or pride. We forgive quickly, we waste no time harboring anger or ill feelings. We put nothing off. We don’t let moments go to waste. We make memories. Lots and lots of them.

When we do all of this, when the person leaves, or the time comes to say goodbye, it becomes so much easier to let go.

Yes, we may grieve, and weep for a little while, but our hearts remain grateful for all the beautiful moments, months, or years that we were given with the person. When the relationship ends for whatever reason, we can still give thanks and move forward to the next chapter, or to the next point in our journey with no bitterness or regret. Because we know in our hearts that in our time together, we were able to give the very best of ourselves to the person — child, parent, spouse, partner, lover, or friend — who was only on loan to us but for a little while.

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