Music often has the power to transport us back to a time and place when life was much simpler.

Today I found a link to Luis Miguel’s music on the FB wall of a gentleman whose updates I recently subscribed to. On his post he wrote “Romancing the Spanish woman with beautiful music…”  and instantly I was transported back to my childhood when my dad would occasionally sing Spanish songs to my mom around the house. And though mom says she could hardly understand half of what he was singing, she would tell me, “Ang pagmamahal walang language-language iyan…”  For my mom was always my dad’s biggest fan and her greatest love.

The rains have a way sometimes of dampening the spirit, especially if you’ve had it in amounts that boggle the mind and keep you cooped up at home for days on end.  And so when I found Luis Miguel once more, my spirits lifted. Writing to his music against grey skies warms the heart and soothes the soul.

I first discovered his music at a record store in Los Angeles shortly after my daughter was born. I must have closed the store’s doors that evening and bought a couple of his CDs. I remember playing them to my baby girl and they would lull her to sleep.

And so, when I want to remember love, I listen to Luis Miguel…

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