It was a cool evening and like the past two evenings, I was again looking forward to hearing what God had to say to me at mass. It had been a happy day which began with a Miss Universe win.

I sat quietly, reading the missalette while

waiting for the mass to begin. The words from the day’s reading leapt at me: “AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” which translated means, “GOD WITH US.” God with us. God before us. God behind us. We know this by heart. But in our darkest, most confused moments, as Joseph was when he discovered that Mary was with child, we tend to forget. Joseph’s affirmation came through a message in a dream where he was told to take Mary into his home. A dream which he heeded. His act of quiet surrender yielded so much greatness.

My affirmation came through a double rainbow a few days ago. I had been having a very difficult conversation with a loved one, one that threw me in a state of panic, anger, and much confusion. The ocean likewise mimicked my emotions, as the waves slammed against the shore. And then I paused to look up, there it was. Against the backdrop of dark and foreboding grey skies, a double rainbow began to form. And suddenly, I wash awash with peace. In that place, far away from home, our Father reminded me that He was right there, with me, that He takes care, and that everything would be all right in the world.

Whatever it is that saddens or confuses you; or if you’re feeling alone this holiday season, remember the significance of whose birthday it is we are celebrating. He is with us, for now, and always. No matter what. #SimbangGabi Day3❇️

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